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This Online School features courses taught by Videographers and Creators that have a passion for Creating and Sharing through a variety of mediums such as Video, Photo, and Audio. Learn the skills to become an amazing creator with travel friendly gear. With these skills you can start a career Video Production Freelancing, Video Editing for clients, or Earn Passive Online Income through a variety of ways using your skills and content

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I cannot speak enough of the integrity and the abilities of Greg Hung as
a number one amazing videographer and editor and number two an exemplary online
marketing guru he's basically he's like a guru of marketing.

- Terry Masson, Director and International Massage Instructor Raynor Massage Canada

"Greg helped me to edit my own Video and Start my Youtube Channel
- Lancy Chong, Yoga Instructor

"Greg's Videos Inspired us to come to Thailand and start our App Business"

- Simon and Khwan, Co-Founders, Simiya Solutions

"My consultation with Greg answered all my questions about video content in the new digital era. Now I'm ready to launch my YouTube channel with confidence."

- Asser Christensen, Q Grader & Founder of The Coffee Chronicler

Client Testimonial - Biron Clark


Ramon Janssen
MBA, Management & Leadership Coach, Author, Entrepreneur

"After doing Greg's Working Holiday Course I knew exactly what I needed to be independent and earn money myself out of the corporate envionment.

I got my Excel course on spot #1 and #3 in the German section of Udemy and with the Black Friday promotions I already reached 1k+ in revenue. Without you that wouldn't be possible. Seeing you running an successful online teaching business gave me a lot of motivation to pursue the online teaching route!!!

- Daniel Kogan Online Instructor excelhero.de, Germany

"I was fortunate enough to discover Greg's course shortly after deciding to enter this business. The technical and business knowledge I've gained from his "Flagship Bundle" course was exactly what I needed. Sure, I could have stumbled along in the dark and eventually found my way, but Greg's course saved me time and and gave me insights that would have taken much longer to acquire. His course is a giant flashlight, illuminating both obstacles and opportunities."

Michael Coto, Right Coast Images New York, USA